Data Analytics

As experts in engineering and data science, we use upstream technologies and sophisticated concepts to bring your data to life. It's amazing what hidden insights you can uncover from your data to improve your processes!

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Software Solutions

We are experienced in building reliable, scalable, cross-platform software. Whether it's serverless, embedded, full-stack or desktop/mobile, we've got you. We use the Agile approach so you're always in the loop.

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Want to upskill your team? We've got expertise in a dozen programming languages and Machine Learning concepts. We're also experts in engineering, computer networking and more. Best part, we're hands on!

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Why Us?

Our team has extensive experience; we have excelled across industries such as Defence, Insurance, Manufacturing and consultancy, to name but a few. Our individual reputation of excellence make us an easy choice.

We have experimented with a number of technologies including embedded programming, desktop, mobile and web apps, full-stack solutions, machine learning, IoT and many other technologies. We have experimented with the best toolboxes out there, and continue to do so.
Tensorflow, Keras, AWS Cloud Migration, RStudio, Business Intelligence, Missile Optimization, Descriptive & Predictive Analytics. That's just some of our arsenal.